kεℓℓѕ ಌ (dukecutie) wrote,
kεℓℓѕ ಌ

Locked Up.

F R I E N D S ♥ O N L Y

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Please make sure we have things in common.
I would also like to know how you found me.

"If there's just one piece of advice I can give you, it's this - when there's something you really want, fight for it. Don't give up no matter how hopeless it seems. & when you've lost hope, ask yourself if in ten years from now, you're going to wish you gave it just one more shot. Because the best things in life..they don't come free." - - Grey's Anatomy

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add me too!! *jumps up and down*
Adding youu :)
added you! add me back!

where did you get your smiley?
Added of course.

What smiley?
add? :)♥
added :)
added :) & if you could delete me from the other journals it'd be muuuuch appreciated :)
Added back :)
& will do. either tonight or tomorrow :)
Adding you, may I please be added back?
Of course! Added :)
add me?
added :)
added you, add me please? <3
added :)
I think it's pretty dope that you love duke too! Add me if you'd like dearie. ♥
added :)
friends? i saw you on omg_its_rach & thought your icon was cute & decided to add you :)
Aw thank you :) added!
Name: tany
Age: 18
How you found me: reading glamcliche comments
Things in common: not that many but we do have a lot of friends tough.

and i would love to get to know you.
add me? ♥
adding of course :)
i got deleted? :(
Ya, but I can add you back. I just don't remember you commenting. But you could've had something going on that I forget :( I'm sorry. I'll add ya back :)


10 years ago


10 years ago

NAme: Ally
Age: 21
How you found me: from my friends page "omg_its_rach".
Things in common: well i had a look at ur interests and we have a few things incommon :) but its always great to meet new and exciting people right :)
so if u agree then feel free to add me then i'll add u back :)
Added =)


10 years ago

Deleted comment

added! :)
hey this is snooped on a new name!
add me here?
added :)
i added you ♥
added ! :)
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