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It's undeniable how brilliant you are

In an unreliable world you shine like a star

kεℓℓѕ ಌ
13 May 1987
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"A true Columbus girl knows just as much about football as her guy friends and in some cases, EVEN MORE! She wears this jersey with pride because she understands the game of football and has enough team spirit to break out the O-H.I-O chant with enthusiasm and grace, whenever and wherever. The phrase GO BUCKS is dear to her heart. A true Columbus girl bleeds scarlet and gray and knows how to have a good time. Shes stylish, sweet and never trashy. She has a great education and stays true to her friends and family. A true Columbus girl knows that the best damn football team in the land can be found at The Ohio State University and the worst team can be found in Ohio's toilet. MICHIGAN. She might not live by the beach but she knows theres no better place to vacation. She has seen all four seasons and has a reason to love and hate them all. If you need a girl to take to the game, she'll be there. If you need a girl to run to the field and climb the field post, she'll be there! Because everyone loves a true Columbus girl. You can take the girl out of Columbus but you cant take the Columbus out of the girl!" ♥

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